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A Gym Bag with a Feminine Touch

Efficient, yes, boring no. Nothing personal old black duffle, but we want a woman's gym bag that feels fun, colorful, and full of personality. Each of our gym bags is designed with custom patterns and color palletes that reflect current fashion trends. Our bags' silhouettes break the mold from the traditional shape of most gym bags, with a look that is both sophisticated and ergonomic.

What's your routine?

Every woman knows how challenging it can be to keep your exercise routine running smoothly. Work, family, and other commitments can easily leave us over-scheduled. On these days, we ALL know how easy it can be to scratch your gym trip off the daily to do list, especially when you don't feel prepared and organized.

Our bags will keep your routine in tact by helping you pack for your day, and stay organized. Designed around specific needs and workout routines, each of our three bags offers different components based on different organizational needs and gym routines.

Which bag is right for you? Check them out below!

Fivesse gym bag style 1:


Do you go home directly after the gym to shower and change? If so, you don't need to tote around a big gym bag. How about a smaller one large enough for a change of footwear, pockets to hold the little stuff, a pocket for your water bottle, and a built-in yoga strap for your mat? The Home-Gym-Home gym bag is perfect for you.

Fivesse gym bag style 2:


Do you go to work directly from the gym? Do you go to the gym directly after work? Do you need to bring toiletries and other essentials to get ready for your day? Out Home-Gym-Work gym bag is designed for the busy woman who changes - and often showers - at the gym. This bag has plenty of room for your workout gear, and everything else you need for whatever comes next in your busy day.

Fivesse gym bag style 3:

The Home-Gym-Work Garment Bag

And the "piece de resistance"... Do you carry nice clothes to the gym? Why roll them up and stuff them into a dirty gym bag when there is an alternative? The Fivesse Garment Bag attaches to the Home-Gym-Home-Work gym bag for a convenient way to protect your nice clothes that you take to the gym. It is sold separately.