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Susan & Nancy are sisters who grew up in Miami, Florida and have a passion for exercise and the outdoors - especially hanging out at the beach. They believe that life is better when you feel organized, and also that you should always surround yourself with things that make you smile.

Being avid exercisers, their first bag line was the gym collection. They wanted to create the “anti-tote” gym bag that did not look like a typical boxy gym bag, but more like a beautifully shaped bag in cheery patterns and colors - something you’d want to carry! They also wanted a bag that was organized inside and personalized in size and shape to an individual’s fitness routine - something they had not seen in the market.

So came the idea for Fivesse, and with the success of their first gym collection, they decided to incorporate the same fashion and functionality into a beach bag collection.

Organized and smart on the inside, good looking on the outside - that’s what makes Fivesse bags truly unique. Susan & Nancy hope that their custom patterns and on-trend colors will make you smile, while their bags’ functionality and ergonomics will help you feel organized and confident while you are on the go.

Shine on Ladies!

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