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The Fivesse Philosophy

What’s in a name?

Sort. Store. Systemize. Sustain.
So that you can Shine.

Our name is inspired by the Japanese philosophy “5S” – when everything is organized and in its proper place, life just runs better.

We live our lives by this mantra and have designed our bags with this philosophy in mind. Our bag collections consists of gym and beach bags, both areas where you want to be organized and clean while on-the-go. We applied the “5S” into our bag design by creating plenty of labeled pockets for all of your little things, and adding one of a kind design details and extras that will keep your belongings clean and organized.

According to “5S” Japanese philosophy, when you are organized, not only are you more efficient, but you feel better. This is what we call the Shine Factor.

A system that works

Fivesse bags keep your belongings clean, fresh, and organized while ensuring your trip to the gym, beach or pool runs smoothly and efficiently - so that you can focus on better things.

Throwing everything into one big bag causes you to lose things, wastes time, and sometimes can be just plain gross.

Fivesse bags keep your belongings efficiently organized so that you spend less time digging, searching, and worrying about your things. Shine on!


Thoughtful Details

Our bags are full of details and surprises!

We are avid exercisers and love going to classes of all kinds. We are also sun lovers who try to get some shore time in whenever we can. When we designed our bags we thought about all of the little things we carry with us to the gym and to the beach & pool. Then we listed the most common issues we had with our throw-it-all-in bags for both destinations. Here are just a few ways we solved some common problems for gym and beach bags in our Fivesse bag designs:

At the Gym -

1. Messy and tangled head phone wires were top of the list - so every Fivesse gym bag comes with a custom ear bud wrap to keep your cords neat.

2. Going to Yoga class? Attach your yoga mat to our bag with the attached yoga mat straps.

3. Those missing keys! Our gym bags have a key hook so you never have to dig around for keys again.

4. Never forget your heart monitor and other gym accessories. Keep them stored in our custom sized pocket.


5. Sticky, oily sunscreen getting all over everything was our biggest complaint. To solve that problem, we designed our backpacks to have a separate, removable sunscreen pouch and our tote has a separate water-resistant pocket too.

6. Wet, sandy books / damaged e-readers - our tote has a separate water-resistant pouch just for keeping reading materials dry and safe.

7. We love finding shells, but hate that they get crushed on the trip home. We’ve designed an outside pocket to keep your found seashells safe, and tucked away from your other things.

8. Snacks that get wet - our backpack has a separate, removable pouch to keep your snacks dry and easy to grab without digging.


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Creative Inspiration

Not only did we want to create bags that are functional, but we wanted bags that were fashionable,

We were tired of all of the monochromatic and boring bags on the market and wanted something that felt fun, cheery, and on trend.

Our gym bag collection has a softer, more feminine feel when compared to other bags on the market today. Pastels and neutrals, available in four different patterns, feel unique and fresh - unlike most typical gym bags.


Our beach bag collection is bright and happy, inspired by our memories growing up on the beach and comes in a number of different patterns.



We hope you enjoy carrying our bags as much as we loved designing them.

Please contact us if you have any questions about any of our bags.