Fivesse Bags: It’s All In The Details

Staying organized is all about planning the details. While we were designing our bags we examined the market place and made a dream wish list of everything the perfectly organized gym bag and beach bag should have. And then we made it happen. In a Fivesse bag, there’s “a place for everything, and everything is in its place.”

Details of our BEACH & POOL BAGS

Keeps You Organized

There is no place like a sandy beach or a wet pool area for “a place for everything, everything in its place” to be more needed! These bags feature lots of pockets and other extras to keep busy women feeling well-organized and relaxed knowing their belongings are safely stored from grit and water.

Fun details found only in Fivesse beach bags.

Our tote bag has a water-resistant pouch just for your reading materials, keeping them safe from grit and water. Perfect for e-readers! Our backpack has two removable pouches for quick grabs of sunscreen and snacks.

This bag is perfect for a day excursion, packing for just yourself. The unique backpack-style straps are great for biking or hiking trips by the shore. This bag has plenty of pockets for the little things you need and has a water-resistant interior to keep everything dry and safe.

Storage pockets for: Glasses, phone, club card, toiletries, valuables, sea shells, water bottle, and snacks.

Special features: Our seashell pocket keeps your found treasures safe, and your belongings free of sand.

This larger bag is perfect when packing for multiple people – either for a romantic getaway, a girls’ trip, or for the entire family. This bag holds multiple towels and has several well-thought out interior pockets for all the small things that usually get lost - and gross - in the bottom of a large bag. No more wet and yucky sand on everything– just imagine how good that will feel!

Storage pockets for: Phone, toiletries, valuables, sea shells, water bottle, sunscreen, and snacks.

Special features: We love the water-resistant reading materials / e-reader pocket! Nothing like a wet damaged e-reader or soggy book to cloud out our sunshine!

Details of our GYM BAG

Keeps You Organized

Our gym bags is designed for organization, and features labeled pockets for all of the items you need to carry and store while going to the gym. Lots of little things can get lost in the bottom of a big regular duffle, causing frustration and wasting time digging. Fivesse bags keep you going so that you can just grab what you need and go.

Fun details found only in Fivesse gym bags.

Fivesse bags also feature helpful components such as a separate shoe compartment and a custom earbud holder to keep your earbuds untangled and neat.

Designed for the woman who is going to the gym, with no need to change clothes at the gym. It’s perfect for all of the little things you need to carry.

Storage pockets for: Class schedules, glasses, gym card, gym toiletries, keys, lock, music and earbuds, phone, shoes, valuables, water bottle.

Special features: Comes with a custom designed ear bud wrap, and has yoga mat straps on the back. The shoe pocket is great for when you need to carry a change of footwear for special classes like spinning or dance.